Experiencing Health and Joy in Your Life by Embodying Your Greatness and Finding Your Creative Wisdom.

Everything is energy including you. Energy constantly flows. If things in your life are not as you prefer, then energy is not flowing optimally in one or more areas of you.

Peggy coaches individuals how to better understand and be in touch with their own magnificent energy.  She offers them tools to allow the energy to flow optimally in them and their life, be their authentic self and embrace their own magnificence.

Peggy is dedicated to helping individuals be happier, healthier, create their magnificent life and truly be a unified, loving, powerful energy in the world.

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Peggy assists in personal self-discovery and the experience of answering the four questions: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Who am I? How do I experience Health and Joy?

Peggy Austermann, Choosing Healthy Joyful Life LLC

  • The Energy Codes© Master Facilitator 

  • Spiritual Bio-Energetic Synchronization Coach
    (Spiritual B.E.S.T.)

  • Contemplative Meditation Coach

  • Vibrational Healing Coach

  • Life Purpose Coach

  • Business Mindfulness coaching
    (Improving business from the inside out)

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Peggy@CHJLife.com; 314.91.0621


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