"Who am I?" and "What is my life's purpose?" are two of the most fundamental existential questions we can ask ourselves. 

The Truth of our Existence is that we are energetic beings. We each have a unique energetic expression which manifests in physical form as our human body. However, we all have different levels of how conscious, or aware, we are of this universal truth.  When we energetically understand the Truth of our Existence, we can fully and completely step into our unique power and life's purpose. 

As a Spiritual Mentor and Energetic Healer, Peggy is dedicated to helping you understand and experience the magnificence of your energy. Through individual sessions and group therapy, she uses techniques such as Spiritual Bioenergetic Synchronization, The Energy Codes, Meditation, and Counseling to remove subconscious blocks to reaching your goals and dreams. Peggy helps guide you through personal transformation, so that you can realize a life of health, joy, and abundance!

Peggy's Specific Trainings and Certifications:

  • Vibrational Healing Councilor;
  • Energy Codes Coach
  • Spiritual Bio-Energetic Synchronization;
  • Contemplative Meditation Coach
  • MBA

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