Sharing Our Lessons

A very wise person once told me that the heart of life is to be of service to others. She defined service as: connecting others with the best version of themselves, as well as service to finding the best version of ourselves. As we connect with this best version of ourselves, we have the opportunity to share that with others. What she, and now I, have come to realize is: it is not enough for us to just “get the lesson". We have to be willing to share that experience with others as it might possibly provide a light for them. This is true for those difficult or uncomfortable lessons as well as the joyful and inspirational ones.

When we are able to authentically connect with our inner self, recognize our own personal gift and the lessons from our journey, we can then share that information with no attachment to the outcome. When we do this, we further our own journey as well as the journey of others.

It's Time to Celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to reap what we have so diligently won through the past days, weeks or months! Count those blessings! We so often get caught up in getting things done and going on to the next thing that we miss the crucial station in the journey – celebrating the wins!!! It’s fun, it’s easy and very powerful! Choose this moment to celebrate your successes – big and small. Focus on all those wins with the knowledge that more will come.

Some ideas on how to acknowledge the wins:

  • Each day, just before you go to bed, think of one or two things that went well.
  • Start a “celebrating your win” page or list in your smart phone, iPad or other favorite electronic communication tool. Each day or once a week, type your wins on the list.
  • Create a "Celebrating My Wins" book. If you have a vision or goal board with pictures of things you want to accomplish, when each is accomplished, put the picture into a three ring binder. Take out the book often and remind yourself of your wins.

Some ideas on celebrating the wins:

  • Draw a smiley face on a post-it note and put it on your computer, bathroom mirror, car instrument panel or anywhere you will see during the day.
  • If you wrote the wins on a list, read your list enjoy the success.
  • Give yourself a “high 5”.
  • Take yourself out to lunch.
  • Do a happy dance.
  • For big or challenging wins, pick a way meaningful way to celebrate before your start toward the win and then, when you win, enjoy the celebration!

Do something that you enjoy and makes you feel good to celebrate your wins both big and small!