spiritual bioenergetic synchronization technique

What is Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique?

Spiritual Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), developed by Dr. Sue Morter and Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. B.E.S.T. is widely used by health care practitioners all over the world who practice mind/body healing and recognize that the body is more than the sum of its parts. It is a system of health care that is state of the art in balancing spiritual energy, body, mind and memory, and enhancing the flow of that energy throughout the entire system.


How does Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) work?

  • Creates a natural balancing of nerve function and communication between the Conscious and Subconscious divisions of the Central Nervous System.

  • It is a gentle, painless, non-force methodology of treatment for many types of conditions that often are treated with medications and surgeries. It addresses the cause instead of the symptoms exhibited in the individual.

  • Bio-Energetics allows for healing without the use of drugs, surgery or other techniques with side effects.

  • Self-Healing Breath Work and Mental Focus benefits are seen to include a regular shift in disposition in the individual toward a self-empowered life experience. Practices can be done while the individual is engaging in many other daily activities and once learned, do not require significant time allotted separately.

Emotional issues play an enormous role and affect our bodies with neurological patterns. These patterns can present physically as depressive states, muscle tension, dysfunctional organs, and more. With B.E.S.T, you can reconnect the brain circuitry by utilizing a specific type of pressure point therapy in a set sequence. This is done while recalling on memory stresses. The powerful combination quite literally “rewires” your brain.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique Research

Clinical experience has shown that the pressure points used with B.E.S.T. are effective in not only in giving physical relief, but rebuilding and repairing the body.

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