Focused 1-on-1 care

Our Focused Care 1-on-1 Treatment Intensive combines a personal transformational discovery process with the gentle, non-force methods to realizing a life of joy, health and abundance.

Often times, we simply need to step out of our normal daily routine in order to reconnect with what matters most and re-establish our ability to manifest joy, health and abundance in our lives. Sometimes even when we do take the time, we still find ourselves bumping up against blockages that we may or may not be able to identify. Medical diagnosis, therapeutic efforts, counseling, and even spiritual inquiry are unsuccessful for seemingly no reason – consciously.

It is possible that the reasons for the blockages are not to be found at the conscious level but rather are stored subconsciously in the nerve and energy systems of the body.

In our Focused Care 1-on-1 Treatment Intensive, great care is taken to identify the source of interference in the individual’s life, be it physical, chemical, subconscious, emotional or integrative in nature. What we typically find is that the pain, whether it is physical, mental or emotional, is merely a signal that the system isn’t running as it was built to run, and we often have a program designed to heal the cause of pain – not just the symptom.