What is mindfulness in the workplace?

 Mindfulness by definition means present-centered attention and awareness. It helps with mood, behavior, productivity, creativity, improved focus, and more. Mindfulness has gone mainstream with companies as diverse as Google, Aetna, General Mills and Target, all having built extensive programs to foster mindful practices among their workers. Large companies like these continue to invest in teaching their employees mindfulness techniques and practices because they see results, and they know it works.


What is mindfulness good for?

 According to a UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School study, the benefits of mindfulness can lead to “improvements in innovative thinking, communication skills and more appropriate reactions to stress.” Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce anxiety both personally and in the workplace.

Business mindfulness training

Show me an employee who already practices mindfulness on their own, and I’ll show you your top performer. It’s really that simple. This is why companies like Aetna, Intel and Keurig Green Mountain have all started to incorporate mindfulness as a leadership practice, and have seen benefits to both the company and the individual employees in improvements in employee health, productivity and job satisfaction. Mindfulness and business success go hand-in-hand. Want to light the spark back into your business?

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