Vibrational Energy Healing Coach

What is vibrational healing?

We experience challenging situations and relationships on purpose to learn from them. If we do not understand the significance of the challenging situation or relationship, we categorize it as suffering. When we understand the significance of the challenges, and perceive them as educational, the situations and relationships are no longer perceived as suffering. This transition in our perception from suffering to education, is the essence of vibrational energy healing.

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Vibrational Dynamics

Energy is the foundational element of everything. As a human, we are energy that is experienced as physical form; therefore we have a human vibration frequency. The observable experience of our self is our physical body. The non-observable experience of our Self is our energetic vibrational dynamics.

How do you feel vibrational energy?

Understanding the relationship between physical matter and energy is very important in understanding our human experience. Energy vibrates at certain frequencies and manifests matter. Our experience of matter, our physical body and world, is the result of energy vibrating at certain frequencies to manifest this experience of humanness.

To understand our Self as a human, we must become aware of our underlying energetic dynamics that is manifesting our human experience of physical form.